New Book Available Now!

Deluge of Sin is now available on amazon and will be available in kindle format very soon!

deluge of sin ad number two


Get your copy today!

Here is the full book description:

In this thought-provoking morality tale, Lucifer seeks to blur the boundaries of virtue in his perpetual chess game against the the great Iam while their unwitting followers struggle through one chaotic encounter after another in a desperate attempt to prevent consequences of Biblical proportions. In the small town of Eden right on the edge of the sinful city of Babylon, Lucifer and his henchman cause much grief to Iam’s men as they seek to keep Eden safe and prevent the town from falling into Lucifer’s hands. Can Iam’s men face their own inner demons before Lucifer is able corrupt the isolated men one-by-one? Can Lucifer’s men stop quarreling among themselves long enough to do the Devil’s bidding, or will they fall pray to Iam’s self-righteous followers? More importantly, once you begin to see life through the eyes of both angels and demons, who’s side are you really on? Deluge of Sin is the first in the Incubation Era trilogy; which will be the first trilogy in a much longer Vices and Virtues series

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